Here's a trend worth tasting: the marrying of sweet and savory seasonings.

It's part of overall growing interest in the flavorings of the Middle East and North Africa, which blends spices many Americans consider sweet with ingredients they are more accustomed to using in savory preparations.

For example, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and other similar ingredients frequently appear in rice, meat and vegetable dishes.

If you haven't already explored this very old (but maybe new to you) way of using your spice cabinet, check out Super Savory Cinnamon Salt by Vervacious, a nicely packaged blend of sea salt and Vietnamese cinnamon.

This blend is wonderful over couscous and rice dishes, as well as chicken and lamb.

The company also sells a star anise blend, as well as many other intriguing combinations in attractive bottles.

The 3.2-ounce bottles are available for $8 from