OREM — It turned out to be more than a bad hair day for two men who were arrested Saturday when police found bags bulging with stolen shampoos, conditioners and styling gels in their vehicle.

Orem police said employees at the Rite-Aid on 774 S. State called police Saturday morning to report that two women suspected of shoplifting had been confronted by store employees who saw their arms full with nearly $650 worth of hair-care products, said Orem Police Lt. Doug Edwards.

The women dropped the loot and ran out of the store, leaving in a white Chevy Suburban with California plates.

The manager at the store alerted other Rite Aids in the area about what had happened, Edwards said.

Less than 45 minute later, a white Suburban pulled up at a Rite Aid on 1550 N. State.

When store employees there confronted two males, they also ran out of the store.

Orem police found the truck and stopped it, and were given permission to search it, Edwards said.

Inside, police found four bags containing dozens of hair-care products that the driver said he stole from a Rite Aid in Provo, police said.

The other suspect ran from the store and was caught on foot.

The men didn't say anything about the women that had been in the other Rite Aid store, Edwards said.

Both men were booked into the Utah County Jail for investigation of stolen property and an immigration hold.