OREM — A man may have gotten his car out of trouble, but he simply exchanged it for troubles of his own, Orem police said.

The 32-year-old man from Cedar Hills had been parked illegally at an Orem apartment complex, and his car was impounded by a private towing company, said Orem Police Lt. Doug Edwards.

When the man complained to police, they told him it was a civil matter and he would have to talk to the towing company and the apartment complex.

Brushing off that suggestion, the man broke into the Orem tow yard early Tuesday morning and drove off with his car, Edwards said.

The tow-yard driver noticed the man and called police, who stopped the man as he headed north on the freeway.

Now, instead of just the $130 tow fee, Edwards said the man is being investigated for investigation of theft of services and criminal trespass.