SOUTH SALT LAKE — A would-be robber was taken to the hospital after police say he was chased out of a hotel and tackled by employees, including a maid with a mop.

The 47-year-old man walked inside the Ramada, 2455 S. State, and saw a pair of front-desk clerks counting money about 2 p.m., said South Salt Lake Police Sgt. Darin Sweeten.

"He demanded money and they told him no," Sweeten said. "He stated he had a gun and motioned toward his pocket."

That's when the clerks, along with mop-wielding maid, chased the man outside and tackled him, police said.

The man had cuts on his hands and knees and was complaining of a rib injury, Sweeten said. The man was taken to the hospital before being booked for investigation of attempted robbery.