LOGAN — Logan is looking at a new format for electing members of the Municipal Council.

Instead of five at-large seats, a combination of representatives from zoned districts could join two at-large members to oversee city business.

The Council is taking public comments on the idea. Residents living on the west side of Logan have complained that they feel underrepresented.

Councilwoman Laraine Swenson said despite the feedback that has come in so far, she still opposes districting. She said those who feel strongly about change are most likely to comment and she believes some were encouraged to offer their opinion.

Swenson said the current councilmembers do a good job representing all areas of the city and districts could create a system when only a fraction of the population elects an official. She said that could lead to special interests having too much power.

"If I think someone who's not in my district would do a better job than someone who's in the district, I want to be able to vote for (the person I think best)," she said.

Councilman Jay Monson says if there is going to be a change, the council needs to agree on it by January so residents can use the new system in the 2009 elections.

Councilman Steve Thompson has said in previous meetings that he is concerns with making changes. Councilman Herm Olsen has said he'd like more information before forming an opinion.

About 11 public comments had been submitted as of Friday. Council chairwoman Tami Pyfer said she would like to hear more from citizens before the council makes a decision.

"I don't know if we haven't advertised that as much or if people really aren't worried about it," she said.