There were cries of adulation — and also of hunger — as Matt Damon and Haitian-born singer Wyclef Jean toured the flood-ravaged city of Gonaives, Haiti, on Sunday to call attention to the widespread suffering.

Tropical storm Hanna and Hurricane Ike submerged the city and cut off roadways in and out. Where waters have receded, streets remained a stinking mudbath and homes were left with a carpet of muck and encrusted pots, pans and laundry.

As Damon and Jean surveyed the destruction from the back of a pickup truck in a U.N. convoy, a man on a bicycle followed as far as he could, shouting out, "Wyclef, I love you, Wyclef." Jean raised his hand but couldn't bring himself to smile back.

"It's inhumane. I wish there was a word in the dictionary. No human should be living like this."