"Heroes" will return on Monday, Sept. 22.

Here's a list of season premieres for returning shows on the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW):

Already premiered: America's Most Wanted, America's Next Top Model, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, Bones, Cops, Don't Forget the Lyrics, Gossip Girl, Kitchen Nightmares, One Tree Hill, Prison Break, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, 'Til Death

Sept. 16: House, Biggest Loser

Sept. 18: Survivor, Smallville, Super-natural

Sept. 19: 20/20

Sept. 22: Big Bang Theory, Dancing With the Stars, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Two and a Half Men, Boston Legal, CSI: Miami

Sept. 23: NCIS, Law & Order: SVU, Without a Trace

Sept. 24: New Adventures of Old Christine, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Lipstick Jungle

Sept. 25: My Name Is Earl, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, ER

Sept. 27: Dateline, 48 Hours Mystery

Sept. 28: 60 Minutes, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Amazing Race, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Cold Case, Desperate Housewives, Family Guy, American Dad, Brothers & Sisters, The Unit

Sept. 29: Chuck

Oct. 1: Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money

Oct. 3: Everybody Hates Chris, Ghost Whisperer, Wife Swap, Supernanny, The Game, Life, Numb3rs

Oct. 5: America's Funniest Home Videos

Oct. 9: CSI: Miami

Oct. 13: Samantha Who?

Oct. 14: Eli Stone

Oct. 30: 30 Rock

Midseason: According to Jim, American Idol, The Bachelor, Celeb-rity Apprentice, Friday Night Lights, Law & Order, Lost, Med-ium, Moment of Truth, Reaper, Rules of Engagement, Scrubs, 24