President Thomas S. Monson and friends from Salt Lake City's West High School get together once a year.

Upon seeing Jane Beppu Sakashita, President Monson spoke of the math class they attended together. She definitely remembers Tommy Monson.

"He is the kindest, most compassionate person," Sakashita said. "I'm Buddhist. When my brother passed away, he saw the obituary in the newspaper. He sent me a letter of condolence. How grateful I was to hear from him; I mean, a person of his stature to remember me and take time to send a letter of condolence. I sent a letter back, and congratulated him upon his call as president of the church. He replied to my letter, and then I wrote to him again. I said: 'I know you only by "Tommy." Is it appropriate for me to call you "Tommy?'" He wrote back, and signed the letter 'Tommy."'

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