It is horrible that soldiers die and that children are killed in war, but Kathryn Levine's letter (Readers' Forum, Sept. 11) comparing pro-abortion choice and these tragic deaths is faulty and incomplete. Ms. Levine decried mothers having no choice over their sons and daughters going to war.

Of course not! Men and women who enlist do it because they want to serve their country. They know the risks inherent in this choice. Mothers, however much they may want to, have no authority over their adult children's choices. They determine their own paths in life.

It is terribly distressing and sad that children and other innocent civilians are killed in war. All compassionate people mourn for the waste of these lives. Ms. Levine forgot one thing in using this as a reason to be pro-choice, however: The mothers of these dead children chose to have their children. Because of this decision these children at least took part in the joys, sorrows, accomplishments and failures, and the wonders of the natural world around them during their short time here on this earth.

Aborted babies never get to have any experiences of life because those who were pregnant with them chose to deny them this blessing.

Barbara A. Lyman

American Fork