OREM — A 28-year-old Boise man was hospitalized after being stabbed with scissors Saturday outside a pancake house.

His alleged attacker, meanwhile, is recovering after being shot by an out-of-state police officer who broke up the attack.

The Boise man and his Provo girlfriend were in the parking lot of IHOP, 850 W. University Parkway, about 8 a.m. when he was stabbed repeatedly with a pair of scissors in the face, neck and arm by a 33-year-old Salt Lake City man, said Orem police Lt. Douglas Edwards.

The victim fell to the ground while being assaulted, with the alleged assailant on top of him, Edwards said. The Salt Lake man likely knew the couple, he said.

Police say the attack was witnessed by a Chicago police officer visiting Utah to instruct law enforcement. The out-of-state officer realized a weapon was involved, drew his gun and ordered the alleged assailant to drop the weapon. When he continued stabbing the man, the officer shot him.

The man with scissors then tried to flee the scene, but he was held by the officer until Orem police arrived.

The stabbing victim was transported to Timpanogos Regional Hospital, and the attacker was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. Both are listed in stable condition.

Witnesses said the alleged assailant was delusional and showed signs of psychological problems, according to Edwards.

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