Ariana Cubillos, Associated Press
Haitian-born singer Wyclef Jean, left, and U.S. actor Matt Damon help distribute food in Cabaret, Haiti, Saturday to victims of four tropical storms that have hit the area.

Matt Damon stayed calm and joked around while he helped with a chaotic food distribution Saturday in western Haiti, where hundreds of people remain homeless and hungry.

He arrived in the town of Cabaret with Haitian-born singer Wyclef Jean to distribute rice, beans and oil to residents of a town that saw 60 people die in flash floods when Hurricane Ike grazed Haiti last week.

Hundreds of Haitians mobbed their SUV, raising their hands in the air and yelling, "Wyclef!"

About 20 people from Jean's Yele Haiti charity formed a barrier around the back of a truck carrying 300 bags of food that got stuck in the mud. Damon tossed the bags to Jean, who placed them on the heads of women as they approached one by one.