WASHINGTON — A Senate committee has given the next-to-last approval needed to protect two key parcels of open space within Park City.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee this week unanimously endorsed a bill by Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, to give to Park City two federally owned tracts in its boundaries known as the "White Acre" and "Gamble Oak" parcels, totaling 108.5 acres.

A federal study in 1975 declared them as surplus to federal needs, and the city wants to obtain and preserve them for open space and recreation.

The bill previously passed the House, and now goes to the full Senate — but Congress is expected to adjourn as early as the end of the month, so little time remains for action.

Bishop has said the bill would help settle "long-term concerns over the future of these lands. It preserves some important open space, and it gives control and access for these lands to those closest to it, the leaders and citizens of the city."