A 25-year-old man was tased by a Salt Lake police officer in Liberty Park Friday night after he "interfered" with the officer while being arrested.

Salt Lake Police Lt. Craig Gleason said police were in the park shortly before 10 p.m. seeking a suspect in a domestic violence call. Gleason said the officer unexpectedly came across a man huffing gasoline fumes in an area just north of the pond, and ordered him to stop what he was doing. The man attempted to flee, but was apprehended near the pond, where he failed to cooperate, at which point the officer deployed his taser.

Salt Lake Fire Department paramedics were called to the scene following the incident, but Gleason said the suspect did not require medical attention beyond treatment for minor puncture wounds left by the taser probes.

The man was on his way to jail late Friday under investigation for abusing inhalants and interfering with an arrest.