Afghanistan: Battles kill 25

KABUL — Taliban militants attacked a supply convoy in western Afghanistan on Friday, sparking a clash that killed 10 insurgents and five Afghan guards, an official said. At least 10 more militants were killed by U.S.-led coalition troops north of Kabul.

Bolivia: State of siege

LA PAZ — Bolivian President Evo Morales decreed a state of siege and sent troops Friday to an eastern province where at least eight people were killed in street battles between pro- and anti-government activists.

Troops took control of the airport in Cobija, the capital of Pando province, and fired shots to disperse protesters. Opposition Sen. Ronal Camargo and Fides radio reported one person was killed and several wounded in the operation.

France: Tunnel reopens

CALAIS — Freight trains began rolling late Friday through the undersea tunnel that revolutionized travel between France and England, after firefighters extinguished an intense blaze that shut down service for more than a day.

The fire deep under the English Channel left the British Isles cut off from continental Europe other than by sea or air — the only routes that existed before the undersea tunnel opened to passengers in 1994. Five of 14 people injured remained in hospitals Friday, said prosecutor Gerald Lesigne, who was investigating the blaze.

France: Pope makes first visit

PARIS — Pope Benedict XVI encouraged a greater role for religion in European society but cautioned against fanaticism as he met Friday with political, Jewish and Muslim leaders in his first papal visit to France.

In separate remarks to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Benedict also called for more attention to the role of faith in shaping consciences and forging "a basic ethical consensus within society."

Mexico: Anti-kidnapping plan

MEXICO CITY — Prosecutors from Mexico's 31 state governments have agreed to create specially trained anti-kidnapping units to fight a wave of such crimes.

The federal Attorney General's Office says the states will pay special bonuses to the new units and keep track of members after their service ends.

Switzerland: U.N. on Georgia

GENEVA — An estimated 192,000 people were uprooted in the August fighting over South Ossetia, but 68,000 are already back home, the U.N. refugee agency said Friday.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees revised its figure upward from 158,000 people it previously said were displaced by the fighting between Georgia, Russia and South Ossetian rebel forces last month.

Zimbabwe: Deal struck

HARARE — President Robert Mugabe and his main rival agreed to divide control of the police and army and strike a delicate balance in Zimbabwe's Cabinet.

But some members of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai's party were already complaining Friday that the compromise didn't do enough to sideline Mugabe.