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Cindy Crawford Home
Cindy Crawford's furniture line has rich colors and sleek contemporary lines but is intended to be traditional enough to last for years.

Fifteen years ago, it was workout videos.

When she hit her 30s, Cindy Crawford began promoting her own skin-care line.

Now, as a 42-year-old mother of two, she has moved into the realm of home decorating with her "Cindy Crawford Home" furniture collection, sold at RC Willey stores in Utah.

Her advice to people looking to expand their lives is to simply go for it. Crawford, one of the five original supermodels from the '90s, has been described as quite successful at projecting her name and image beyond the runway and fashion magazines.

And that's not to say she doesn't still have a modeling career, with pictures appearing this month in Vanity Fair, Allure in August and Jezebel magazine in May.

"I think for me, I've been open to trying new things," Crawford said during a recent visit to Salt Lake City to promote her furniture line. "My point of view has always been, 'Why not?"'

In person, Crawford appears every bit as beautiful as her magazine images suggest. Her skin is nearly wrinkle-free, and her long legs toned. People turned to stare when she walked into the lobby of the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City for an interview, almost as if she were royalty.

When discussing her furniture line, Crawford spoke with deliberation. It wasn't her idea, but rather, she was approached four years ago by Rooms to Go to help create and market a furniture line.

Regardless, Crawford said she is actively involved in the design process and acts as an editor for most projects, saying what she likes and what she doesn't.

The inspiration for her furniture comes from a variety of sources. When traveling, Crawford said, she will often take pictures of unique furniture and then give the image to her designers. For instance, while in Beijing for the Olympics, she saw a chair she liked and snapped a picture.

While her collection has rich colors

and sleek, contemporary lines, it is still traditional enough it could be kept in a room for years, according to Crawford. She describes her pieces as high-quality but affordable.

"You want it to look like a new sofa, not your mom's sofa," she said, smiling as she explained how she tried to reach a balance between traditional and contemporary for the furniture.

As with fashion or makeup, Crawford said she would encourage people to have fun while designing their homes. She offered the analogy of a little girl playing dress-up. That little girl doesn't care what she looks like. She's having fun and not being too practical, and that's how home decorating should be, according to Crawford.

"If you like it, it's good enough," said Crawford. "People need to remember it's fun, and the only person you need to please is yourself."

For more information about Crawford and her furniture line, log on to: www.rcwilley.com/CindyCrawford.

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