Winner: The earth didn't explode this week, nor was everything sucked into a bunch of tiny black holes. Those were some of the dire warnings of what might happen when scientists fired up a $10 billion atomic supercollider in Switzerland. Scientists hope the atom smasher will help them understand what happened at the dawn of the universe. Undoubtedly, it will lead to a number of other discoveries no one has yet thought of. As for black holes, the $10 billion price tag is a bargain compared to the way the federal government sucks up money in this country.

Loser: It took Utah's housing market awhile to cool down, and it still isn't nearly as bad as in many parts of the nation. But the state ranked 12th in the nation for the number of foreclosure filings in August. The good news is the foreclosure rate appears to be slowing, but wire service reports say one in every 416 households in the United States received a foreclosure filing last month.

Winner: We didn't need folks at the University of Cambridge to tell us that Utahns are among the most friendly and disciplined people in the United States, but it was nice to hear it anyway. In a study released this week, university researchers said the Beehive State is home to the nation's fourth most agreeable and conscientious people. We would take issue with that, but that might lower the state's ranking.

The study drew connections between personality traits and crime, employment, mortality and a host of other social factors. Almost as important as being the fourth most agreeable people is that Utah came in 51st for neuroticism, news that ought to reduce your level of anxiety.