Dear Heloise: Here are a few more traveling hints:

Make copies of your passport to leave at home, to have with you, to put in each bag or suitcase and to give to a traveling companion. If the original is lost, you have a copy to help when getting a replacement.

Put the customer-service numbers for your credit cards, insurance company and travel agency in your cell phone. You might not be able to call from your phone, but at least you will have the numbers with you.

Wear no jewelry. You will probably find something on the trip you want to buy.

So often, we buy "new" for a trip. Instead, wear older clothes you don't mind parting with. No one knows that it isn't your best, and no one cares. As shirts and slacks get dirty, leave them behind in the hotel room. Throw away undergarments after you have worn them. You'll have less laundry when you get home and more room for souvenirs.

—Terri, Jennings, Kan.

Terri, many of my readers do this, and I wonder what the hotel staff thinks about finding old clothes and dirty underwear in the trash.


Dear Readers: Here is an interesting trivia question for you. According to the United States Mint, what was the first animal on a circulating American coin that was NOT an eagle?

Here are your choices:

a. dove

b. buffalo

c. snake

B is for buffalo! The buffalo nickel was printed from 1913 to 1938, so look through your change and see how many bison there are. Enough for a herd?


Dear Heloise: I read your hints in the Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser. The plastic bags that newspapers come in are useful for many things.

Use a plastic wrapper for a wet umbrella to prevent drippings when entering a building. The little plastic bag is easy to stick a collapsible umbrella into a pocket or purse. I pick up my paper as I walk to my car before going to work, so the plastic bag is already there.

—Alice Handlang,

Montgomery, Ala.

Dear Heloise: I found another use for coffee filters: Use as bowls for chips, popcorn, nuts, etc. They are inexpensive.

—Sue Barnett, Bellows Falls, Vt.

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