Captured after spending the better part of a year on the lam, a Utah man was back on the streets for a short time Thursday after a mix-up at a Hawaii jail.

Eric Isoen Jones, 36, was arrested by Taylorsville police and federal marshals at a Honolulu motel Wednesday but was released a day later after a judge set a new court date for an unrelated misdemeanor warrant, police said.

Jones, who is charged in Utah with dipping his 1-year-old son in scalding water, was free for about four hours before being picked up by a local fugitive task force, said Louise Kim McCoy, a spokeswoman for the Hawaii Department of Public Safety.

Jones was watching his son in November 2006 while the boy's mother ran errands, police said. When the woman returned, she unwrapped the blanket her son was in and found the lower half of his body severely burned. The child spent several months in a burn unit before being released. Police said the child must still undergo several surgeries.

An arrest warrant was issued last December after Jones failed to appear for a court hearing in Salt Lake's 3rd District Court. Since then, police have been on the lookout for the man charged with second-degree felony child abuse.

Thursday, Taylorsville police announced Jones' capture about the time he was being set free in Hawaii.

Jones was taken to District Court in Honolulu and was placed in a holding cell about 8 a.m. Hawaii time, McCoy said. Instead of receiving the paperwork for the federal case against Jones, a judge was handed Jones' outstanding misdemeanor warrant for contempt.

"The paperwork for that contempt warrant went up to a judge, who eventually looked at it and issued a new court date," she said. The judge ordered Jones could be released to a peer without posting bail.

The same fugitive task force that captured Jones the day before again scoured the island. Jones was found and arrested about four hours later, McCoy said.

The detail of Jones' latest arrest were not immediately available, she said. It was unknown when Jones would appear again in court or if he would be extradited back to Utah.

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