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The Foals recently released their debut CD, "Antedotes," and they are working on a new album.

Guitarist Jimmy Smith said the idea for the Foals was to play music that was fun.

"We all came from other bands that were heavy and technical," said Smith during a phone interview from the band's rehearsal space in London. "We played all those weird time signatures and played 10-minute songs. So when we all came together for the Foals, we wanted to play music that was fun. We wanted to be a pop-dance band."

Smith, guitarist Yannis Philippakis, keyboardist Edwin Congreave, bassist Walter Gervers and drummer Jack Bevan make up the band. The name is a nod to Philippakis' last name, which means "little lover of horses" in Greek.

The band's debut CD, "Antedotes," "is basically made up of songs that we have been playing these past two years," said Smith. "We decided to take those songs and work them out differently and record them."

Smith and the boys then tapped producer David Sitek, who has worked with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

"We went to New York and began working with David," said Smith. "He did a lot for us regarding our sound on the CD."

Smith said it was Sitek who suggested using an old Roland keyboard to fill out the sound.

"He was listening to our songs and liked what he heard," said Smith. "Then he said, 'Why don't you use this Roland?' and we said, 'Sure.' After hearing what it did to our mix, we decided to use the Roland in a lot of our songs. It gives us a classic sound mixed with our modern-dance sound."

The catch, now, is getting the band to learn all the songs from the album to play live, said Smith. "Since there are some songs that are totally arranged and orchestrated, it is impossible for us to play live. But the ones we can play, we have been working with the new arrangements."

In addition, the band is working on writing songs for a new album.

"We're ever in pursuit of that elusive perfect pop song," said Smith.

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