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Geoff Tate

Singer Geoff Tate says separating his solo music from the music he writes for his band Queensryche is simple.

"When I write a song I like and present it to the band and they don't like it, then it goes into my solo pile," he said. "We have code words in Queensryche to make it more palatable if the song isn't good for the band. They'll say things like 'I can't give that song the passion you want it to have' rather than saying 'What a stupid song."'

Tate, the voice of Queensryche, will be at the Depot Thursday. And those expecting a lot of Queensryche tunes will be pleasantly surprised.

"Coming up with a set list is pretty easy when I'm doing it by myself," he said. "I do have a band, and we will be playing my solo album (self-titled release in 2002), but I will also be playing some Queensryche songs that Queensryche doesn't play live.

"I know you can't please everyone, but this way those who know my solo work usually know about my Queensryche work. And those fans may like hearing Queensryche songs that they don't usually hear live."

Still, Tate said, there will be some expectations because Queensryche's drummer, Scott Rockenfield, is playing the tour.

"It also gives Scott a chance to play songs that he doesn't usually play live, as well."

The solo tour is a way to help promote Tate's new line of wine called Insania, which will hit the market in 2009.

"I'm a wine freak," he said. "And I'm working with the 3 Rivers Winery to make this happen."

Other artistic developments in Tate's life include working on an upcoming horror film and recording a new Queensryche CD.

"I haven't received my film schedule, yet," said Tate. "But I'm going to be in a film called 'House of Eternity' (it has since changed to 'Pray for Light') with Blackmore's Night vocalist Candice Night."

For some reason, the directors saw Tate performing in the concept concert "Operation Mindcrime" on the "Mindcrime at the Moore" DVD, he said.

"They thought I'd be the one to be the evil one in the movie," he said. "I didn't know what to think. But I went to the screen test and they filmed me and took it to study, and then I got a call later that I had gotten the part."

The new Queensryche CD, which is suppose to be released at the beginning of 2009, started with a discussion Tate had with his father, a career military man.

"He fought in Vietnam and Korea and was in the Marines and the Air Force and does some civil servant work for the Navy," said Tate. "One night I asked him about his experiences. He told me for the longest time he didn't want to talk about them but said he'd been thinking about it. So we started talking. And then I asked if I could videotape the discussion."

Shortly afterward, Tate's wife and manager, Susan, said, "You should write a record about these stories," said Tate. "So I started interviewing more veterans and got people who served in World War II, Iraq, Vietnam, Somalia, Korea — that was really inspiring."

Along with the new Queensryche album, Tate is working on his next solo record, which is also slated for early next year.

"We will be playing one song from that album in the show," he said. "I'm looking forward to coming back to Salt Lake City. The Depot is a nice place to play. Queensryche has played there a couple of times, and each time it has been great for us."

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