Eric Cline
Justin Sconza, front, and Collin Yarck of the musical duo Walter Meego.

Justin Sconza, vocalist and keyboardist for the duo Walter Meego, which also features synthman Collin Yarck, said the biggest challenge for him is keeping the music fresh.

"When Collin and I got together, we didn't really talk about what kind of music we wanted to do," said Sconza during a phone call from Ohio. "It was a natural thing. We didn't have a drummer, and we had to come up with synths to make rhythms. And when we decided on that, we felt the synths made the rhythms sound cool, and we kept it that way.

"Along with that, we don't overarrange or microarrange our songs," he said. "In fact, we have been trying to add a little live flavor into our songs."

Sconza began his musical trip with piano lessons when he was a kid. From there he decided he wanted to play guitar.

"I played classical piano," he said. "And when I got my guitar, I got into Nirvana, and everything in between classical and Nirvana, like Radiohead. And I listened to a lot of experimental bands as well."

The way Walter Meego, a name that Sconza created, develops songs is simple, Sconza said.

"I write most of the lyrics and melodies. And we kind of stumble upon some cool sounds that fill out the song."

That's how the duo recorded it's most recent album, "Voyager," which was released in May.

"We did that album in about a year," said Sconza. "The songs just developed as we went along. We had an idea of what they were going to sound like and went from there."

The songs "Frontier" and "In My Dreams" found its way to TV's "Ugly Betty," which has given Walter Meego some "cool" exposure, said Sconza.

"It surprised us at how popular those songs have become," he said. "But it's been OK. It's good, cool."

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