The following DVDs will be released Tuesday:

"88 Minutes" (Sony, $28.96) *A sleazy and dim-witted, "torture-porn" thriller that could use at least 88 more IQ points. Al Pacino stars. R (violence, torture, gore, profanity, drugs, rape, vulgarity, brief nudity, brief sex) —Jeff Vice, Deseret News

"Before the Rains" (Lionsgate, $27.98) — Period romance starring Linus Roache as a spice merchant who falls in love with an alluring servant (Nandita Das). PG-13 (violence, sex)

"Finding Amanda" (Magnolia, $26.98) — Comedy about a compulsive gambler (Matthew Broderick) who attempts to reform with the help of his niece (Brittany Snow). R (sex, vulgarity, profanity, drugs, brief nudity)

"Kabluey" (Sony, $24.96) — Comedy starring Lisa Kudrow as a harried mother trying to deal with her neurotic brother-in-law (Scott Prendergast). PG-13 (vulgarity, sex, profanity)

"The Love Guru" (Paramount, $34.99) *Mike Myers' latest comedy is so unfunny that it almost makes you long for the return of the irksome Austin Powers. Special features: Two-disc "special edition" includes digital copy of the film for personal computers. PG-13 (vulgarity, violence, profanity, brief drugs, brief sex, slurs, brief gore) —Jeff Vice, Deseret News

• "Made of Honor" (Sony, $28.96) ** — This predictable Patrick Dempsey vehicle owes considerable debts to both "When Harry Met Sally" and "My Best Friend's Wedding." PG-13 (vulgarity, profanity, violence, brief nudity, slurs, brief sex) —Jeff Vice, Deseret News

"Snow Angels" (Warner, $27.98) ** — It's hard to feel anything but frosty sentiments toward this chilly adaptation of Stewart O'Nan's well-regarded novel. R (profanity, violence, sex, drugs, vulgarity, brief gore)—Jeff Vice, Deseret News

• "Speed Racer" (Warner, $28.98) ** —The Wachowski brothers' hyperactive, live-action adaptation of the once-popular cartoon series is pretty violent and mean-spirited for a kids film. PG (violence, profanity, torture, brief gore, vulgarity, brief drugs) —Jeff Vice, Deseret News

"Young @ Heart" (Fox, $27.98) *** 1/2 — This music documentary shows there's something enjoyable about seeing senior citizens perform with youthful energy. PG (profanity, vulgarity, brief drugs)—Jeff Vice, Deseret News

Some of the upcoming DVD releases include:


Sept. 23: "Deception" — Fox

Sept. 23: "Leatherheads" — Universal

Sept. 23: "Pathology" — MGM

Sept. 23: "Sex and the City" — Fox

Sept. 23: "Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat" — Lionsgate

Sept. 30: "Chapter 27" — Genius

Sept. 30: "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" — Universal

Sept. 30: "Iron Man" — Paramount


Oct. 7: "The Happening" — Fox

Oct. 7: "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" — Sony

Oct. 7: "Paranoid Park" — Genius

Oct. 7: "The Visitor" — Anchor Bay

Oct. 7: "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" — Sony

Oct. 14: "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" — Paramount

Oct. 14: "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie" — Universal

Oct. 14: "Standard Operating Procedure" — Universal

Oct. 14: "Warren Miller's Playground" — Shout! Factory

Oct. 21: "The Incredible Hulk" — Universal


Nov. 4: "The Perfect Holiday" — Sony

Nov. 11: "This Christmas" — Sony

Nov. 18: "Garden Party" — Lionsgate

Nov. 18: "WALL• E" — Disney

Nov. 25: "Meet Dave" — Fox

Nov. 25: "Space Chimps" — Fox


Dec. 2: "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" — Disney