We have less than two months before the election, and the "silly season" has already reached new heights.

Only one week past the Republican convention we are treated to stump speeches that exceed vacuous and approach mendacity. One week ago (surely it seems longer), Gov. Sarah Palin introduced us to the saga of the governor's airplane. "Put it on eBay," said she. Further: "I sold it." Since then the story has morphed into more than it began.

Who is doing the "reframing"? No, not the liberal elite media, but none other than the governor's own running mate. Sen. John McCain now says: "She sold the plane on eBay and she made a profit doing it." Neither of these two assertions are true, nor were they part of the original story.

So what is to be made of this "twist"? I favor the explanation that the senator is having a senior moment and can't be held accountable for such details.

Lew Baker

Salt Lake City