As reported by Doug Robinson (Sept. 2), Mindy Carter-Shaw is indeed a great example of charity and forgiveness. We can all learn from her attitude, especially in society where revenge for being "dissed" is becoming a bigger and bigger problem.

However, whether or not Craig Miller is prosecuted is not up to her. She can certainly weigh in, and the judge can take this into consideration, but one of the basic things people need to understand is that mercy and justice are separate things. Mr. Miller broke the law by building a pipe bomb, and it is not Ms. Carter-Shaw's choice as to how society deals with that.

Many people seem to have the idea that if the victim of a crime forgives the perpetrator, that perpetrator should not be punished. Does it make sense to allow a murderer out on the streets simply because the victim's survivors forgive him? A civilized society could not survive if that were the case. Someone has to pay for that crime. Who should it be besides the person who did it?

Shirley G. Ruth

West Jordan