South Mountain Golf Course: Bob Leibowitz (No. 3, 140 yds.) with an 8-iron. Witnessed by Ron Robbins, Oscar Escobar, Danny Nakauchi.

Willow Creek Country Club: Paul Smith (No. 14, 160 yds.) with a 5-iron. Witnessed by Bradd Christensen.

Fore Lakes Golf Course:

Travis Williams (No. 16, 180 yds.) with a 6-iron. Witnessed by Dave Williams and Chad Williams.

Lester Nickel (No. 11, 126 yds.) with a 9-iron. Witnessed by Jerry Whitehead, Jeremy Jenkins, Charlie Bowen.

Jeff Davis (No. 6, 113 yds.) with a sand wedge. Witnessed by Tammy Davis, Lindsey Davis, Samantha Davis.

JoeLeen Young (No. 17, 120 yds.) with a driver. Witnessed by Gwen Symes.

Jeff Gramse (No. 6, 110 yds.) with a sand wedge. Witnessed by Scott Gramse.