CHICAGO (AP) — Republican John McCain seized on running mate Sarah Palin's popularity to raise money for the party, telling donors at a $4 million fundraiser Monday that he's overwhelmed by the buzz she's generating for his White House bid.

"I'm very proud and I'm very pleased at the enthusiasm that's been sparked," the presidential nominee said. The fundraiser, in Barack Obama's hometown, followed several days of campaigning in which Palin has nearly overshadowed the head of the ticket.

The first-term Alaska governor has already been good for McCain's fundraising efforts. Of the $47 million he raised in August, $10 million came in the three days after he announced he had chosen her as his vice presidential running mate, the campaign said.

McCain's campaign said the event raised $4 million for the national Republican Party and state GOP committees, which will then spend it on McCain's behalf.

McCain spent about half of his speaking time boasting about Palin. "She was thoroughly vetted and I'm proud of the experience and the talent she brings to our ticket, and she will bring to the presidency and vice presidency of the United States of America," McCain said.