1. Columbus

Record: 13-6-4. Was: 1. Note: Is there any doubt the league MVP right now is Guillermo Barros Schelotto? Next: at Toronto, Saturday.

2. Houston

Record: 10-5-8. Was: 3. Note: The Dynamo are about the only team certain to make playoffs in the West Next: at San Jose, Saturday.

3. Chicago

Record: 11-7-5. Was: 4. Note: A guy with a famous name got the game-winner for Fire, Stephen King. Next: at Colorado, Sunday.

4. New England

Record: 11-7-5. Was: 2. Note: When are the Revs going to get some more energy? They've been playing tired. Next: vs. Chivas, Thursday.

5. Real Salt Lake

Record: 8-8-7. Was: 5. Note: The draw against Galaxy had both a positive and negative feel to it. Next: at New York, Saturday.

6. New York

Record: 8-7-8. Was: 7. Note: The Red Bulls' defense has given up only one goal in over 440 minutes. Next: vs. Real Salt Lake, Saturday.

7. DC United

Record: 10-11-2. Was: 6. Note: United were just the latest to find out it is tough to play in San Jose. Next: vs. FC Dallas, Saturday.

8. Chivas

Record: 8-9-6. Was: 9. Note: The Goats showed why they're still to be reckoned with in a big win at Toronto. Next: at New England, Thursday.

9. San Jose

Record: 7-9-7. Was: 11. Note: The Quakes are very tough at home with a 5-3-3 record. Road is a different story. Next: vs. Houston, Saturday.

10. Los Angeles

Record: 6-9-8. Was: 10. Note: Without Donovan and Beckham, Galaxy just trying to tread water. Next: at Kansas City, Saturday.

11. FC Dallas

Record: 6-9-8. Was: 8. Note: How have the Hoops fallen so far? They now are tied for last in the West. Next: at DC United, Saturday.

12. Toronto FC

Record: 7-11-5. Was: 12. Note: The team seems to be fading as the season stretches on. Winless in last four. Next: vs. Chivas, Saturday.

13. Kansas City

Record: 6-9-8. Was: 13. Note: The Wizards are searching for anybody to step up since they haven't won since Aug. 9. Next: vs. Los Angeles, Saturday.

14. Colorado

Record: 8-12-3. Was: 14. Note: Was the win at Dallas the turning point or an aberration for the struggling Rapids? Next: vs. Chicago, Sunday.