I apologize, but I feel that many Utahns have been living in a cave the past eight years. With all respect to the fallen, what about the 4,152 American deaths in Iraq? What about the Iraqi deaths that are just as dead as any abortion?

Many have written that Obama will increase big government. What about this $574 billion war started by a Republican president? What about the programs No Child Left Behind? and the Patriot Act? These programs have increased our deficit, limited our freedom and increased big government.

The economy is a mess, and McCain admits that the economy isn't his strong point. He even suggests in keeping the current tax cuts, which haven't helped us much in these past eight years.

As someone who has been to different parts of the world, I know that many foreign countries see McCain as a threat. They see him as a short-tempered maverick, who does what he wants without listening. We need someone who can rebuild alliances, not continue to destroy them.

McCain talks about change, yet in eight years, he has voted 90 percent of the time with President Bush. What will McCain change? Are we happy with the direction of our country?

Dane Henderson