Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder hopes to name a new undersheriff within the next two weeks.

Out of approximately 60 applications the sheriff's office received for the position, there are now 10 finalists left. Winder said his office was in the process of conducting final interviews with each candidate.

Although he would not reveal specific names, Winder said seven of the finalists are in-house. Of the three remaining, he said some were employed outside the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office, including some that were from out of state, though he declined to say specifically from which states he received applications.

Winder said he's pleased with the number of applicants, how the selection process is going and is anxious to fill the position.

The undersheriff position became open after Beau Babka parted ways with the sheriff's office in July. Some familiar with the situation said the split between Babka and Winder was not on amicable terms.

Winder on Tuesday refused to disclose the identity of any of the applicants.