Mike Terry, Deseret News
A Utah Highway Patrol trooper investigates the wreckage of a dump truck that missed a turn and went over a guardrail Tuesday near 400 E. 400 E. Bangerter Parkway in Draper, killing a Spanish Fork man.

DRAPER — Police identified a dump truck driver who was killed Tuesday morning after his vehicle rolled down a steep embankment near Traverse Ridge Road.

The accident happened just after 10 a.m. near 400 E. Bangerter Parkway (14600 South). Spanish Fork resident Terry Williams, 65, was carrying a load of fill dirt in the dump truck and headed downhill off Traverse Ridge Road when he apparently lost control of the vehicle.

Police said the truck was rounding the corner on a steep hill and Williams was apparently trying to brake when the vehicle missed the turn, hit a guardrail and flipped over the edge, plummeting 100 to 150 feet down the embankment. Brake marks could be seen more than 1,000 feet through the area where the accident happened.

The dump truck rolled several times, ejecting Williams, according to Draper Police Sgt. Gerry Allred. Investigators were looking at a number of factors that could have contributed to the accident, including speed, too heavy of a load or mechanical failure.

The area around Traverse Ridge has been notorious for accidents involving construction vehicles. Allred said the majority of those accidents were caused by excessive speed or vehicles that would not pass inspection and shouldn't be on the road.

"The road is not unsafe," he said. "It's like any mountain road with lots of twists and turns. You have to drive it at the appropriate speed."

Over the past few years, Draper police have tried many ways to get people to slow down, from posting extra signs warning drivers to slow down to conducting surprise inspections in which all commercial vehicles were pulled over. Those that failed inspection were immediately impounded.

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