Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. Entertainment won a court ruling Monday blocking a Michigan-based company from publishing a guide to the best-selling book and film series.

U.S. District Judge Robert Patterson in New York cited a "troubling amount of direct quotation" and "verbatim copying" in barring RDR Books from publishing "The Harry Potter Lexicon." Patterson said RDR had infringed Rowling's work.

Rowling and Warner Bros. argued at a three-day trial in April that the "Lexicon" plagiarized her work. The guide's 2,437 entries list alphabetically the characters, places, spells, creatures and objects in the seven Potter books. The "Lexicon" hasn't been published.

"I took no pleasure at all in bringing legal action and am delighted that this issue has been resolved favorably," Rowling said in a statement.