After watching Mitt Romney take the gloves off during the Republican convention, I feel compelled to comment and take the gloves off as well. As someone who is so popular in certain circles in the Intermountain West, and as a fellow member of the LDS Church, it's our right to expect more from Romney. His remarks were disingenuous, self-serving and despicable.

Ideally, Romney would be above the fray, yet he's right there in the thick of the muck with the rest of the political pigs, slinging mud and rehashing lies, pandering to fears of weak-minded people, their ignorance and outright greed.

I am a hugely imperfect person myself; however, I am embarrassed that I could be associated with Romney through our supposedly shared faith.

Is the world not enough for Romney? What is his motivation? A man with hundreds of millions of dollars at his fingertips, who now doesn't need to work to put food on the table; this man who would do more good in the world by dedicating his life to the humble, quiet and spiritual grass-roots level of serving his fellow men instead of continuing to seek ways to bloat his already swelled head.

Eric Wadley

Salt Lake City