Rarely have I read a letter in the Readers' Forum quite so offensive as Shirley Larsen's letter of Sept. 6 regarding Barak Obama's religious views. If Ms. Larson wants to take issue with Sen. Obama's policies on health care, education, tax policy, social-welfare programs, national defense or the myriad of other issues facing the American people in this campaign, I welcome the debate.

But to assert that Obama's religious affiliations " ... are not really religious, they are anti-American" strikes me as arrogant and intolerant. How dare Ms. Larson or anyone else presume to know the innermost religious beliefs of Obama. Furthermore, in this country, how is this relevant to the campaign?

I am always amazed that the far right seems to equate being a "true American" with adopting the right-wing view of what is morally and politically acceptable. I submit that Sen. Obama is every bit as true an American as John McCain, Sarah Palin and even Shirley Larsen.

David E. Lowry