Several decades ago the football coach at the University of Utah systematically admonished his players: "Do not think! Whenever you guys think, it weakens our team." Obviously, for the team's sake, thinking alike was essential. It was imperative to let him coach and not be ad-libbing on the playing field. His autocratic rules won games, and if you wanted to play ball, then you were duty-bound to obey.

However, as a member of a democratic society, independent thought and expression requires freedom of speech. We all enjoy this same privilege. Open rhetoric is one of the freedoms we treasure in America.

The Readers' Forum invites the public to express their opinions on a wide vista of subjects. Public expression is what the forum is all about. It is beneficial and serves as a sounding board for people to air viewpoints on differing subjects. People are more vocal during elections. Having opinions, essentially, is here to stay. Politically speaking, no person has a crystal ball on its course in America. The pendulum moves back and forth.

Sidney S. Smith