John McCain runs ads noting that Barack Obama didn't pick Hillary Clinton. After all, she had been the Democratic runner-up and the strongest contender in the bunch. Then he passes over Mitt Romney for a complete unknown? Come on! Sarah Palin isn't in the same league as Romney. Even Romney detractors would have to admit his resume is impeccable.

Romney has faithfully campaigned for McCain and most in the know touted him as an almost certain pick. Romney showed himself to be loyal soldier to both McCain and the party. No one had to twist his arm to close ranks with McCain. So, what went wrong?

Could it be that McCain caved to the religious right and their well-known unease with Latter-day Saints? I'm afraid I can think of no other reason for Romney to be passed over, other than his faith.

Perhaps McCain just isn't as tough or as principled as I thought he was. I hope the voters of Utah punish him at the ballot box in November. Bob Barr will get a second look from me.

Stephen W. Gordon

West Valley City