PROVO — A December preliminary hearing has been set for a former Eagle Mountain city councilwoman.

Linn Strouse, 60, is charged with a second-degree felony of using her office for personal benefit. Prosecutors say she accepted a $10,000 cash gift while in office and didn't report it.

She will have an evidentiary hearing in 4th District Court on Dec. 2.

Prosecutors said the July 2005 gift was from Eagle Mountain developer John Walden so Strouse could remodel her basement.

Prosecutors allege Strouse knew that money could improperly influence her decision as a politician or that she took it as a reward for political action.

Strouse had been a councilwoman since 2002 and served as interim mayor for several months when allegations of misuse of public funds were levied against then Eagle Mountain Mayor Brian Olsen.

Olsen is headed to trial in two weeks on seven felony charges related to misusing city monies.