Investigators say it was lucky no one was injured, including innocent bystanders, after two gunmen opened fire in an apartment complex Sunday morning.

Two armed men kicked in the door of an apartment near 3900 South and 700 West about 9 a.m. Sunday and forcibly entered, said Salt Lake County sheriff's deputy Levi Hughes.

As soon as the men entered, they fired eight shots down the hallway in the direction of the victim's bedroom. Some of the shots lodged into the door, some into the walls, and at least one shot went through the walls into another apartment where it barely missed a baby, Hughes said.

The suspects then entered the bedroom and pulled out the 24-year-old victim. The man's mother was also home at the time, Hughes said.

A fight between the victim and the two men continued in the hallway. As the intruders left, they fired more shots, bringing the total to at least a dozen, he said.

"Some of the rounds went through into neighboring apartments," Hughes said. "Some lodged in the door. If some had gone through the door, they would have hit a baby's crib."

The victim claimed to have never seen the shooters before. But detectives do not believe the home invasion was random.

"There was a reason behind this," Hughes said.

The message to the public, he said, is that random home invasions are very much a rarity. Investigators believe the suspects in this case knew who they were targeting, but detectives were still investigating why the victim was picked.

The victim said nothing from his apartment was taken.

Anyone with information on the incident can call the sheriff's office at 743-7000.