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Colt Knost

Farmington's Daniel Summerhays and Colt Knost have a lot in common.

Both are in their second years on the Nationwide Tour after playing a few events at the end of last year. Both players have already won tournaments — Summerhays last year in Ohio and Knost twice this year. Both made the cut at the Utah Championship on Friday and would have had the same scores except for a late triple-bogey by Knost.

They also look alike. So much so, that they are often mistaken for each other.

Knost said he gets mistaken for Summerhays all the time. Knost said golfers will walk by and say, Hey, Daniel, how's it going.

Summerhays says he gets mixed up with Knost a lot, but he's a little more sensitive about it, perhaps because he's about 20 pounds lighter than Knost.

We have very similar facial features, he said. People will come up to me and say, 'Colt, have you lost some weight?'

It's not a bad thing, said Knost of the confusion. I like Daniel a lot.