Weston Clark of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party invited all of us "taken-advantage-of Republicans" to come join him. He says they have the values we think are in the Republican Party but aren't. He must be dreaming. I should join the party that supports abortion in the name of "choice"? I should join the party of FDR and Lyndon Johnson that made Social Security the Ponzi scheme ripoff of the American people that it is? I should join the party that's two steps closer than the Republicans to destroying our freedom? I don't think so. I'd rather look to a party that supports and uses our Constitution. Maybe that will be the Constitution Party of Utah.

But at least this year, with the so-called Maverick McCain and his outstanding v.p. choice, we may see some movement back toward who we really are in this country. Let's hope. We sure know it won't come from the Democrats. It seldom has. So keep your invitation, Mr. Clark.

Terry Gunn

Elk Ridge