LAS VEGAS (AP) — An ex-convict has been arrested on suspicion of trying to kill his wife, a suspended Nevada state judge facing misconduct charges for, among other things, allegedly having her husband sworn in to ask if he'd completed his chores at home.

Elizabeth Halverson, 50, was found in a rear bedroom of her southeast Las Vegas home late Thursday with severe face, chest and upper arm injuries. She told officers that her husband, Edward, had beaten her and had tried to kill her, according to a police statement.

"He hit her with a frying pan," said officer Jose Montoya, a Las Vegas police spokesman.

Edward Halverson, 49, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, battery with a deadly weapon and battery domestic violence and was being held pending an initial appearance in Las Vegas Justice Court. His wife was in intensive care after surgery at a Las Vegas hospital, Montoya said Friday; the hospital said it could release no information.

Elizabeth Halverson was suspended from the bench in July 2007, six months after being sworn in. The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline filed 14 formal charges, including creating a hostile work environment, hiring a technician to try to hack into the courthouse computer system, causing mistrials in two sexual assault cases by improperly meeting with jurors, hiring her own security guards, and falling asleep on the bench.