CENTERVILLE — A road rage incident Thursday night resulted in a motorcyclist crashing while his 10-year-old son was also on the bike.

Just before 9 p.m., Michael Rakes, 50, was riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle on 400 East in Centerville when the driver in the car in front of him threw a cigarette out the window, according to Centerville police spokesman Paul Child.

Rakes pulled up alongside the driver, Kris Prinster, and a yelling match ensued as they drove, Child said, with Rakes riding his motorcycle illegally in the left turn lane.

At some point there was contact. It was unclear Friday morning if one party purposely bumped the other or if Rakes lost control of his motorcycle and bumped into Prinster, Child said in a prepared statement.

The motorcycle went down, throwing Rakes and his son off. The boy was wearing a helmet but Rakes was not, Child said. Rakes was flown to University Hospital in critical condition with severe head injuries, he said. His son was taken to Lakeview Hospital to be treated for minor injuries and was later released.

Rakes' wife was on a motorcycle behind the others and witnessed the crash.

Prosecutors will screen the case to determine if any charges should be filed, Child said.