Voters in Eagle Mountain and neighboring Saratoga Springs get to decide Nov. 4 whether they want to raise sales taxes to pay for express bus service to Salt Lake City.

The Eagle Mountain City Council on Tuesday voted to put a measure on the November ballot that would allow it to join UTA's transportation district. If it passes, the city's sales tax will go up a quarter cent.

Saratoga Springs will also put it on the ballot. City leaders approved a resolution Tuesday, endorsing an identical sales-tax increase. If the measures gain voter approval, UTA can start an express bus route by next April, officials say. The deadline to get it on the ballot is Friday.

The carrot is $200,000 a year in federal grant money for the next three years to establish the route. The offer came through the Mountainland Association of Governments as part of its master transportation plan.

The planned route would begin as an express route picking up residents in Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs before heading directly to Salt Lake City, Eagle Mountain spokeswoman Linda Peterson said. The service could include two buses in the morning and two in the afternoon. Eagle Mountain may build one or two parking lots for riders, she said.

Eventually the route could tie in with a planned commuter-rail station at Thanksgiving Point.

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