SPRINGVILLE — Dubbed a "total immersion film school for serious filmmakers" by its founders, REEL School is touting the opportunities it offers students at an open house tonight.

The school is a division of the private Emerson-Smith College. Annual tuition is $9,400. The school is using the Kaesung Martial Arts Academy.

"The purpose of REEL School is to produce artistic filmmakers who are also savvy in the business of film," a press release says.

The two-year program is designed to teach the process of filmmaking with the goal of giving students experience and having the films in distribution by the time they graduate with a bachelor of arts in film. High school students who qualify may earn their high school diploma and bachelor's at the same time, said founder Pam Lockwood. Certificates in specialized areas will also be offered, she said.

Advisers are filmmakers Tyler Measom, Mckay Daines, Bryce Fillmore, Sohrab Mirmontazeri, Garrett Batty, Adam Able and Chris Cobb.

The school opens Sept. 17. The open house tonight is from 6 to 10 p.m. at 236 S. Main. Entertainment is by Harmonautica, a funk-jazz fusion band.