• Sound bites from St. Paul: "Sarah Palin knows how to dress a moose." Do you put the pants on the moose first, or the shirt? Aren't the sleeves a problem?

• "Hockey Mom." This label harkens back to Hockey Moms for Herbert Hoover, Croquet Moms for McKinley, Badminton Moms for Kerry and Bocciball Dons for Giuliani.

• "Obama was a (chuckle, chuckle) community organizer." America has done pretty darn well with 230 years of messy, disorganized communities.

• "Sam's Club Republicans." These are patriotic folks who take advantage of the low prices of stuff made in Asian sweatshops.

• "Washington cocktail circuit." Those people in Seattle and Spokane drink like there is no tomorrow.

By Mark Russell

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