Have you seen Barack Obama bragging that he has more "executive experience" than Sarah Palin? Obviously Barack is feeling a little inadequate in the face of a real, strong woman who achieved elective office on her own, without a sitting president helping her.

Obama was misleading, too, comparing his campaign's budget and staff only to Palin's as mayor, because her job as governor has 10 times the staff and 100 times the budget of his campaign. But the biggest difference is that the Obama campaign was all about serving one person, to fulfill Barack Obama's ambitions, while Palin's service as mayor and governor is about serving thousands of other people's needs.

As Palin noted in her speech, Obama is a man who has written two autobiographies but hasn't accomplished a single thing for America in his paltry two years in the Senate before he became a full-time candidate, preoccupied with the "executive experience" of running his campaign (as he claims). Which resume is more impressive, and more noble, and more deserving of election to the White House?

Raymond Takashi Swenson

Idaho Falls, Idaho