MONTGOMERY, Ala. — It's hard to find much brotherly love on the campaign trail, particularly in a hard-fought, high-profile race for an open seat in the U.S. House.

But that's exactly what the pastor of Montgomery's First Baptist Church, the Rev. Jay Wolf, hopes he sees in abundance as two of his church's deacons campaign for the right to represent Alabama's 2nd District in Congress.

Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright, the Democratic Party nominee, and state Rep. Jay Love of Montgomery, the GOP nominee, are running for the southeast Alabama seat held by retiring U.S. Rep. Terry Everett, a Republican.

During the week, the two men have been campaigning across the mostly rural district that stretches from Montgomery to Dothan.

On Sundays, both men and their families can be found in the pews at the 5,000-member First Baptist Church, just five blocks from the Capitol in downtown Montgomery. Both Bright, 56, and Love, 39, agree that being deacons means they are "brothers in Christ," a concept that doesn't always translate well in the political world.

While tight, closely watched races often turn negative, the ads run by Bright and Love so far have not been of the mud-slinging variety.

"Just because he's a Democrat and I'm a Republican is no reason we can't worship and serve together," Love said.

"Both of us are deacons, brothers in the same church," Bright said.

The two candidates attend different services on Sunday mornings and rarely run into each other.

The Rev. Wolf urged the congregation in a newsletter to be proud of both men. He said he hopes both candidates and their followers will remember their Christian values on the campaign trail.