Shame on you, Utah educational system. I recently saw on the news a new company that offers drug searches in Utah schools called Utah Drug Dog. Having lived in other states, my family is very familiar with this type of service as it is used all over the country.

Upon calling the company to see if they would be going to my children's school I was told of the rejection they are facing in trying to beef up anti-drug efforts. Principals and superintendents all over the state are rejecting this type of service, claiming everything from budget to not having a drug problem in their school and everything in between.

I'm not saying that schools must use a company like this, but their attitude speaks volumes toward Utah's lax attitude toward drug awareness. Utah always feels like it doesn't need additional measures like this that are used in other parts of the country because "we don't have the same types of problems," "my kids don't do drugs" and other such excuses. It's time to wake up and realize that we have major drug issues and need extra measures to keep them out of our schools. Our kids depend on us.

Laura Willden