Marc Cella ("Palin should put family first," Readers' Forum, Sept. 4), snidely suggests that Sarah Palin is willing to neglect her family so that "Mommy can pursue a dream political job."

I am strongly in favor of mothers being home with their children. But in Palin's case, I just as strongly feel she is taking this job because she cares so much for her family — and all the families in America. She can't help but see where this country is headed, especially if the government becomes both "mommy" and "daddy" to our children as the liberal establishment desires, with cradle-to-grave care and control.

Palin, no doubt, wants her children and all others to grow up in a strong, independent America, where strong moral values are the guide, not Hollywood degenerates and liberal lamebrains.

Thank you, Mother Sarah.

Doris Moir

Salt Lake City