Rich Gilliat wrote, "I am a male chauvinist pig, a committed member of the LDS Church and lifelong Republican. Sarah Palin is just what the Republican Party needed. She is female, smart, tough and believes and practices 'right to life."' (Readers' Forum, Sept. 2). The same author wrote to the Deseret News in February of 2003 suggesting using weapons of mass destruction to completely annihilate Iraq and "turn it into a parking lot." Gilliat is probably elderly, hence the chauvinist pig comment, but to be proud of those affiliations is so sad.

Gilliat supports a woman with lots of issues who can't provide guidance to her own daughter but believes all other American women should be told how they should believe and behave. Gilliat believes others should choose the "right to life" while encouraging the annihilation of millions of innocent Iraqi citizens. This is a stirring example of Christianity at its finest. Gilliat apparently isn't paying very close attention in Sunday School.

He is right about one thing: Gov. Palin is exactly what the party of Rove/Bush/Cheney needs.

Buzz Vigus

St. George