Like most Utahns, I was shocked that Mitt Romney wasn't chosen to be the vice presidential nominee for John McCain. He was the obvious choice for many reasons. There is no doubt in my mind the man who saved the Olympics and Utah's "favorite son" would have strengthened the Republican ticket.

Then, adding insult to injury, we find out that Gov. Jon Huntsman's speech may have been the first to be bumped in the line of convention speeches due to time constraints. The way the GOP treats such a loyal crowd of Republican voters is rather disgusting. You gave McCain more than $6 million, and you are a guaranteed nod to the Republican president — and this is how you are treated?

Utah is being taken advantage of and your vote is being taken for granted. It's happening locally too. So many Republican leaders say what they want, do what they want and pass what laws they want knowing there will be no repercussion. Why don't you take your state and your vote back into your control? There is an alternative, and I guarantee if you check us out you will find us sharing far more values than you could ever imagine.

Weston Clark

Chairman, Salt Lake County Democratic Party

Salt Lake City